Excellence in Education Kelli Masters
Excellence in Research Alaina Miller
Undergraduate Scholarship Whitney Bailey
Graduate Student Scholarship Cassie Hinkle
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Grant Patti Hart
Excellence in Practice Carolyn Smith
Excellence in Research Adriane Burgess
Excellence in Leadership Katrina Howard
Undergraduate Scholarship Rebecca Brasko
Graduate Student Scholarship Jared Dougherty
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Grant Adriane Burgess
Excellence in Research Amy Seitz Cooley
Excellence in Practice Deborah Taylor
Excellence in Mentorship Deborah Barton
Undergraduate Scholarship Krista Kaufman
Graduate Student Scholarship Susan Bare
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Grant Michelle VonStein
Excellence in Leadership Abigail Strouse
Excellence in Mentorship Lynne Beeson
Excellence in Practice Cheryl Mattern
Excellence in Education Lynn Warner
Excellence in Research Melissa Schneider
Graduate Scholarship Lindsay Sentz
Undergraduate Scholarship Jessica Jerusik
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Scholarship Helen Copenheaver
Excellence in Leadership Diane McElwain
Excellence in Mentorship Lisa Ruth-Sahd
Excellence in Practice Britt Markley
Excellence in Education Stacy Lutter
Undergraduate Scholarship Stephanie Weakland
Graduate Scholarship Katie Winemiller
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Scholarship Melissa Schneider and Katrina Howard
Excellence in Education Andrea Wolf
Excellence in Research  Kimberly Fenstermacher
Excellence in Leadership Susanlee Wisotzkey
Excellence in Mentorship Sheree E. Seben
Undergraduate Scholarship Rachel Bartock
Graduate Student Scholarship Adriane Burgess
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Scholarship Brenda A. Artz
Excellence in Practice Barrett A. Skandera
Excellence in research Melinda C. Guinard
Excellence in Leadership Nancy L. Miller
Excellence in Mentorship Janis W. Taylor
Undergraduate Scholarship Megan McCullin
Graduate Student Scholarship Amy Crerand
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Scholarship Debra McNamara
Excellence in Practice Julia A. Bucher
Excellence in Research Peggy L. Vernon
Excellence in Leadership Dawn Becker
Excellence in Mentorship Cheryl W. Thompson
Undergraduate Scholarship Julie A. Beck
Inductee Scholarship Michaela Allison
Member Scholarship Heidi Miller Marcozzi
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Scholarship Katie Shradley
Excellence in Practice Beth M. Reiley
Excellence in Research Linda C. Pugh
Excellence in Education Norma H. Beyer
Excellence in Leadership Astrid R. Davis
Excellence in Mentorship* Abigail C. Strouse
Graduate Scholarship Kari M. Kinard
Undergraduate Scholarship Amanda M. Gibson
Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Scholarship* Melissa A. Schneider
*New award this year
Excellence in Practice Lynn S. Warner 
Excellence in Research Karen S. March 
Excellence in Education Janice M. Ambrose
Excellence in Leadership Valerie Hardy-Sprenkle 
Graduate Scholarship Eleanor Campisi-Gross 
Undergraduate Scholarship Mary Kathleen Bearese 
Excellence in Practice Rhonda Steffen
Excellence in Education Linda Avillo
Excellence in Leadership Sheree Seben
Graduate Scholarship Susan Benner
Undergraduate Scholarship Carol Gillespie
Excellence in Practice Linda Avillo 
Excellence in Research Jeanie Bachand 
Excellence in Education Cheryl Thompson 
Graduate Scholarship Amy Drawbaugh 
Undergraduate Scholarship Gretchen Scott 
Excellence in Education Susan Mickey 
Graduate Scholarship Jenny Bosley 
Undergraduate Scholarship Rachael Kelemen 
Excellence in Leadership & Administration Jacquelin Harrington
Graduate Scholarship  Kristen Gettys
Undergraduate Scholarship  Donivee Randall
Excellence in Education Elaine Feeney
Excellence in Education Linda Pugh
Excellence in Research Susan Luchka
Graduate Scholarship Suzanne Frazier
Undergraduate Scholarship  Rebecca Rothman
 Excellence in Education Marian Condon
 Excellence in Research Judith Hertz
Undergraduate Scholarship Lisa Wasserloos
Excellence in Education Jacquelin Harrington
Undergraduate Scholarship Emily Argie
Excellence in Practice Kelly Smith Gibson
Undergraduate Scholarship Melissa Engel
Member Scholarship Cynthia Rose
Excellence in Education Susan Grassman
Excellence in Education Nancy Robertson
Member Scholarship Angie March
Undergraduate Scholarship Donise Noll
Excellence in Leadership & Administration Joan Reider
Scholarship Jennifer Blair
Excellence in Nursing Practice Kay Ella Bleecher
Scholarship Elaine Feeney
Excellence in Education Marjorie Hughes Carkhuff
Scholarship Deborah Taylor
Excellence in Nursing Practice Gwynn Maloney-Saxon
Scholarship Amber Leigh Wolfe